Sunday, March 24, 2013

News. Updates. All together exciting stuff!

Well this is an exciting moment for me. The other night I pulled an all nighter and I have some exciting news! "Shadows of Pandora" Book 1 in the Evermore Trilogy is FINISHED!!! Yes you are reading that right it is done! I am at this moment polishing it up. But wait there is more. Tomorrow I will be working on my query letter, Monday morning I will be sending out query's to several agents. So get ready to hear about my agent hunting process. I am beyond excited to start this step. This also means that my Official site will be getting Character bio updates. I will be introducing a few new characters on there as well as a full synopsis for book 1. This means the teaser will go away and you will finally get to find out about Shadows. My book is also currently sitting with a professional editor she has given me the green light to query so this has been an exciting week for me. I really can't contain my excitement. I am so looking forward to sharing my world with all of you who have become my fans. I am beyond excited to be sharing this news with everyone. I also have an official Facebook page that you can follow me at. Please share it around.

Gwen's official Facebook page.

Stay magical
 Gwen Selix

Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 2013

Sorry I have been away again everyone. I have some exciting news though for "Shadows of Pandora". My book is currently sitting with my Editor friend. She is going over it and then I will be doing the final edit before looking for an agent. I am also working on the last 2 or 3 chapters of my book. I am so very close to the end of it. I am really excited should be Agent hunting in a month! Sadly Health issues have kept me from doing a lot of writing the last few weeks but I am better now and back in full swing and should be finishing my book shortly I am really excited for this. I am still about 10,000 words short of my goal but I still have these last few chapters to go and then one last edit. This is really an exciting time for me and I can not wait to start looking for my Agent. I will of course keep you updated as I go through that as well. I am looking forward to the future that is for sure! Stay Magical Gwen