Monday, November 3, 2014

Been a while

Sorry it has been a while guys I have been busy working on my novels. So here are somethings that have been happening.

1) House on the Hill is being edited by my amazing new editor Alicia Marie Smith. I adore this girls work and her kindness. She has helped me make my book so much better for you guys.  You can find her here if you would like an amazing editor. She is really reasonable too.

2) There is a kickstarter for House on the Hill. That's right I am trying to raise money so that I can pay my wonderful editor as well as get the cover work for House done. And some other things for the publishing process. I am planning to do KDP for my book this time around and I will see where this takes me. I am really excited for you guys to read this book. I will be posting a teaser shortly.

3) I am participating in NaNoWriMo once again this year and I am already on a role. This is a fun way for me to see if I can push out books faster. This novel titled "The One" will be a romance story for your enjoyment. It will be in the New Adult category as it is MA but I know you will all love it. It has been really weird for me to write a Non-Fantasy novel but I am enjoying the challenge that it brings. I am really excited to be taking the NaNo journey. I am really excited to share my next book with you.

4) Shadows is being revamped. I am trying something new with Premonition which may change Shadows a bit but I know you will all love it when you see it! So keep a watch out for that!

Have a good NaNo for those of you doing it this year. For everyone else keep a look out for my new stuff as it comes your way.

Stay Magical