Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cover Revel for the Amazing Cassie Mae

I love Cassie's books so I'm excited to share her covers with you guys!

:Readers of Emma Chase are sure to fall for bestselling author Cassie Mae’s All About Love series! In No Interest in Love, Hollywood’s hottest young actor hits the road to chase his big break—and gets caught in a steamy love triangle.

When Jace Carver snags a minor part in his buddy’s zombie flick, he suddenly starts getting noticed all over the place. Even Hollywood megastar Carletta Ocean—known for her extensive “research” with her leading men—wants Jace for her new rom-com. The role could be a game-changer . . . if Jace nails the audition.

As Jace’s agent, Shaylene Kwak is all business—and isn’t about to let her favorite client blow this opportunity. Ever since college, Shay has been immune to Jace’s charm and rock hard body. But long hours in tight company have a way of wearing down even the best defenses. And when their platonic teasing turns into serious flirting, Jace and Shay are no longer able to resist what’s been right in front of them the whole time.

Shay knows Jace’s love-’em-and-leave-’em history with women. She’s not about to be just another notch in his belt. And it’s true, Jace has never wanted more than a one-night stand—until now. But at the end of the line, he’s got a choice: sleep with Carletta and seal the deal . . . or risk his career for a shot at true love with Shay.

Praise for Cassie Mae

“Clever, romantic, and entertaining . . . Cassie Mae is a natural storyteller.”—USA Today bestselling author Tiffany King, on Doing It for Love
“Cassie Mae is awesome! The perfect balance between laugh-out-loud funny and achingly poignant, The Real Thing is the ultimate escapist read. I didn’t want it to end!”—Lauren Layne, USA Today bestselling author of Crushed

“Cassie Mae’s writing is fresh and original!”—Rachel Morgan, author of the Creepy Hollow series
“A fabulous author who tugs on your heart strings as if she owns them.”—Jade Hart, author of Coffee and Cockpits

Bio: Cassie Mae (who dons the name Becca Ann on occasion) is the author of a few hundred—okay, maybe not that many—books. Since writing her bestselling debut, Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend, she has published books with Random House, Swoon Romance, and Tulip Romance. She has a favorite of all her babies, but no, she won’t tell you what it is (mainly because it changes depending on the day). Along with writing, Cassie likes to binge-watch Teen Wolf and The Big Bang Theory. She can quote Harry Potter lines quick as a whip. And she likes kissing her hubby, but only if his facial hair is trimmed. She also likes cheesecake to a very obsessive degree.

Cassie Mae
YA/NA Author

Thursday, July 2, 2015

New stuff

So its been ages since I did anything here. I have of course been writing. I update my FB way more so make sure you go over there and like me.

House on the Hill has taken some drastic changes and I am so happy with it. I am at this very moment writing the final chapter of it. So it will be live so soon! Then "The One" will be coming your way next.
I am also working on a romance novel titled "Love Love" it will be a story for the times. I am so excited to write it you have no idea.

I'm trying to decide what I should blog about so I can do this more often. And I'm really thinking maybe I should just blog about things I like. Any comments on that??

Okay I shall leave you with the cover of House on the Hill.

Stay Magical

Monday, January 5, 2015

Busy Bee

Wow it has been ages since I posted. It has been really busy, holidays kept me very busy and I have loved it. I hope all you had a great holiday season.

Okay about book stuff.
1. My contract ended with Pure Ice but never fear I am going to be doing Kindle Direct Publishing so Shadows of Pandora will be back shortly.
2. House on the Hill is just about done so that will be out later this year as well
3. I actually finished NaNoWriMo this year which was hard but I LOVED IT! So their is a third novel already done!
4. I am working hard on Premonition and am planning to release it this later this year.

My hope and plan is that 2015 will have 4 books out by Gwen Selix. Its a lot of work but I am looking forward to the challenge.

This has been a long road but I know that in the end it will be an amazing time. I love my readers and I love writing for all of you.

Stay Magical
Gwen Selix