Thursday, June 7, 2012


Hello all! I really have been slacking around here and I am sorry for that! But I have been working on my book and it is inching its way closer to being done which is really good. Alright so lets see first some happy news. I have new glasses which means I can finally see again so after 3 months of broken glasses and headaches I can once again sit in front of my computer and write! So that means I should be getting book stuff out much faster which is a really good thing. As for the book I am starting on chapter 5 now and I plan to go write for several more hours as soon as I am done with this update. I am also looking into apply for a job at Barnes and Noble which yes would cut into my book time but I would also be working in a book store. Personally I think is the perfect job for an upcoming author. So cross your fingers I get the job. In the next few days I will be typing up the new stuff I have writen for my first book and I will have a new page and word count for you. I am also working on some title ideas, Its still the Evermore series because thats where it takes place, I just dont think I will be calling book 1 Evermore. I have a title idea in mind but I am not going to share it right now. Alright must write more so many ideas in this head of mine. I will try to update more! Stay Magical Gwen♥