Tuesday, December 13, 2011

News on the books!!!!!!!!!

(Above picture taken by Me )

Alirght I know I havent updated in well forever and I am sorry for that.
For all new updates on my books check my devart and my tumblr Im on there the most
So anyways news on the books well the book I am currently working on is going to be changed. Yes there is a reason I had a wonderful talk with a dear friend yesterday and He told me that I should turn the book into a series and here is why I have all of these amazing ideas but they would feel rushed in just one book. So Yes its true Gwen Selix is now writing a series and OMG Im rather excited! Its a briliant idea and I love the story and the aspect of it.
I know you all want to know more and I think later this week if I get some typing done I will give you a small taste for it :D
Alright well I need to start writing
Stay Magical