Tuesday, November 19, 2013

House on the Hill

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I plan to publish this book online for my fans to read. I will likely self publish this eventually.

Many know the tales of the house on the hill. It’s a long story, an old story, one of legends, one of myths. One no one believes actually happened. Yet it did.  It is said that you can still hear the laughter from the children who used to live there. The laughter fills some with smiles other shake with terror when they think of those children. When they think of what they must have gone through.
Many years have passed since the last child grew and left the house on the hill. Grown and gone off to live its life.
It sits empty now, the bushes and vines grow wildly around the house. Covering every window, every step.  Some say it remains empty because children no longer believe in magic. Others say it’s because no child has come to claim it as their own. And others still say it holds to much pain for anyone but her to ever own it.

The truth still remains a secret but I will tell you my story of the house on the hill as I remember it. I will tell you my tale of how I came to live there how I found her. How my life changed and how it was before and after.

The image of the house is burned into my mind. I couldn’t forget it even if I tried.
The house was huge from the outside it looked like a castle. It was white, with chocolate colored gables. The front steps had a small flower box on it purple and pink daisies grew out peaking at the world beyond the box. Brightly colored sea shells and beach glass surrounded the base of the flowers.

The front of the house had two giant windows looking into the living room the white curtains were pulled shut for the night. A wooden door with three small windows at the top held the entrance to the house.

And at the very top of the house was a single window.


Hey guys
I know I really get far behind on my blog these days. I have been using my Facebook more because I can update it easily from my phone during the day.
I have been continuing my Agent search I still haven't found Mr./ Miss Right yet but I know they are out there just waiting for me.
I did get to do some traveling in September and October part of why I haven't been on in a while. I got to see NYC this October and it made me just want to push that much harder to get myself published. I fell in love with the city and the state over there. For the first time in my entire life I actually felt like I was home while I was over there. It was an amazing feeling. In September I was able to go to Disney land which was just beyond amazing for me. I spent 10 days driving from Washington all the way down threw California. I got my writing spark rekindled there it was starting to go out a bit sadly. I came up with a  new novel idea as well which has now manifested into a book titled California Girls. I am loving every moment of writing it.

I have also been hard at work on House on the Hill. This novel really means a lot to mean and bears my soul in a real and raw way.

Stay Magical