Saturday, November 17, 2012


I know it has been forever since I updated on this blog Lets see let me fill you all in on what has been going on. Well I have been writing like crazy for weeks now then about a week ago I hit writers block and I hit it bad. I was at the point that I was staring at my laptop screen willing the words to write themselves because I had nothing. Then yesterday it just went away and I had brilliant ideas and spent the night writing them. I think I am about ready to write the ending of my novel which would mean I have almost finished my very first novel. I have started editing already because I now know that my chapter 1 I have right now that a few of you have read will actually be chapter 4 or 5. I also have many areas that I need to lengthen and describe better. I am hoping that after editing and adding these new chapters and the last of my final chapters, that I will be closer to my word goal. I am still shooting for 78,000ish words. I know that I have skimped on some areas of my book and I will be going back and fixing those. I am getting closer and I am really happy with how close to finishing book 1 I am. It has been a long road and an even longer journey for me but I have loved every moment of it. Even when my life was out of control and I felt lost my world of Evermore was there for me. I loved that so much. I can not wait to share this book with the world so that you can all meet the characters and discover Evermore. Book one will introduce you to the world and the characters and open up so many questions for the readers questions that won't even really start to be answered till book 2 but that will be the fun of it. I am so very excited about this you have no idea. Stay Magical Gwen