Tuesday, December 13, 2011

News on the books!!!!!!!!!

(Above picture taken by Me )

Alirght I know I havent updated in well forever and I am sorry for that.
For all new updates on my books check my devart and my tumblr Im on there the most
So anyways news on the books well the book I am currently working on is going to be changed. Yes there is a reason I had a wonderful talk with a dear friend yesterday and He told me that I should turn the book into a series and here is why I have all of these amazing ideas but they would feel rushed in just one book. So Yes its true Gwen Selix is now writing a series and OMG Im rather excited! Its a briliant idea and I love the story and the aspect of it.
I know you all want to know more and I think later this week if I get some typing done I will give you a small taste for it :D
Alright well I need to start writing
Stay Magical

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I feel so bad I have let my blogs go a bit with out updating and Im sorry about that!
So Anyways I have been writing like crazy I put the novel I was working on. on hold for a different novel.
This one came from a dream I had 4 nights in a row and still dream about every now and then so something told me I needed to write about it. Im really loving the story and I am excited to see where it goes and what comes of it. I am still going to write the book about Faries I just needed to write this one first.
I have also decided along side the 4 or so stand alone novels that im going to write I will also be doing a series So yes Gwen Selix will have a series out in the next few years.
I have been doing reserch on Agents and I will be getting one as soon as my first Novel is in its final form which I am hoping to have sometime around march at the latest. My goal is to have an agent working on my first book while I start writing my second book.
And my Long Term goal is to have Gwen Selix a household name and to see my books on store shelves. Hey I know its a big dream but its something I want to do and that I know I can do.
So I am going to try and update on here daily if I can so that I can tell you how the book is going and such.]
Tomorrow I will talk some about the book and characters a bit. Im not going to post the whole book on here but I can give you sneak peaks and tell you how my writing is going.
Well off to work on the book some more
Stay Magical
Gwen ♥

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Stuff to Come

Helllo Everyone!
Gwen Here So I am doing NaNoWriMo which is a contest to write a novel in one month that is 50,000 Words in a month so I will be doing that which will be the book I will talk about on here. And that will hopefully be avalible at local book stores sometime next year.
So look for updates here and on my other sites
Stay Magical
Gwen ♥

Monday, October 17, 2011


Hey guys
I have been busy working on my novel its keeping me really busy I have been working on character creations and that has been one of the harder parts.
I have 2 of the main characters Their first names are Faylinn and Robert. I will put some info up about them later most about Faylinn though.
Alright off to work on the book some more.

Stay magical


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Busy Busy

Hello All you wonderful followers of mine.
I have been busy the last few days took some time did some painting But today I am back to work on my first Orginal Novel Today is character creating I have the story all planned out I just need the characters wich is the fun part actually because i want each characters name to describe who they are.
So I will hopefully later today have some names for you guy.

I am using the working title Enchanted Love right now Its just a place holder till a title hits me.
Also I will be putting a pen name to my works which will be Gwen Selix.

Alright back to work i cant wait to show you all my new stuff.


Saturday, October 1, 2011


Welcome to my other blog everyone. I am starting a few new projects this week some new books that i am writing all of which are orginal works. I really hope you all like them. I will put up bits from each book as I write so that you can get an idea of what im writing, I will also post sites where my works will be so that you can read them.

I look forward to sharing this next step with you guys