Wednesday, May 23, 2012

HI HI HI HI HI HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I may be a tad hyper I blame the mike and ikes i had for dinner So anyways I have been writing like a mad woman this week which is really really good! I bough a new journal and I have been working on my book the old fasion way. Which has reallyl helped because now i get less distracted by the interwebs! So I am really getting into it which is amazing!!!! I have also been reading again lately which is good helping me widen my area of writing ideas. So book is coming along really well if i keep this up I should be able to stay on track! Alright guys time to go read for a bit. Remeber you can follow me on twitter @GwenSelix Stay Magical Gwen ♥

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday sun

Why Hello There! I have been rather busy since my last journal post. Things with my personal life are finally coming together and slowing down which I am so very happy about. So lets see I have been working on my book and have some awesome edits to make and I have given myself a new deadline of end of next month to have this second draft done. I am really loving how the story is coming together. I still havent decided how many books it will be. It might only be a trillogy. This is because I dont want to drag the story out if I run out of stuff to have happen. I already know how the series will end and what the huge plot twists are. I just have to decide how much i really want to put this poor girl through. Alright so book update is there. On a more personal note, to go along side my writing as something else for me. I have decided to start learning French so that when i go to Paris in a few years I can talk. Im really excited about this i have the rosetta stone program all set up and I started lesson one last night and I already love it. Its something fun for me that i can do when i need short breaks from my writing. So I have some rather awesome things going on and I am rather happy! Oh and I dyed my hair weasley red!!! Yes I am now a weasley! Stay Magical Gwen ♥

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why hello there

Hello followers how are you? Well life is going to things are finally coming full circle so now that I can relax a bit more I shall be writing so much more. My plan is to get back to writing again daily! I am hoping my stupid glasses that are broke will stop giving me headaches. Thankfully I have my nook to write on for when that happens. Second Draft of book 1 is coming along I am planning to get this done in the next month or so. I am still hoping to start sending out quiry letters in Aug. That is still my plan! Alright off to write. Stay Magical Gwen♥

Monday, May 7, 2012

looking towards the future

Well hello. I know its been a while, Its still going to be a bit before I can get back to daily blogs but I am still writing. Last night I spent some time going over my first chapter with my hubby and he helped me see that I can actually break it into two chapters. So I will be doing some editing and reworking on those soon. I will be spending to day making some notes on what we talked about so that I dont forget it. I am adding in a few other rather famous characters besides Pandora. One of which is Hades he is also going to have a major role in this series. I have alot of suprises waiting for all of my readers. Some that I know you will love and some that I know will be hard to take in. But I know you will love the story as a whole. Stay Magical Gwen♥